Campaign Suggestion Submissions

The Miami DSA chapter is currently accepting Campaign Suggestions from our members. The suggestions will be discussed in the January Monthly Member Meeting on January 10, 2020 @ 1PM. Members will then be able to vote on their favorite campaign suggestions in the following week.

The proposal(s) which the group determines are most viable will be developed and implemented by the Coordinating Committee and any/all other Miami DSA Chapter members available to join in the effort.

The proposal needs to be sponsored by at least three other Miami DSA members for submission. Please submit your suggestions (at the latest) by Saturday, January 2nd to allow time for the Coordinating Committee to sort and compile suggestions.

Your uploaded document should include a brief summary or outline (suggested max 500 words) of your campaign suggestion that fits the following criteria:

Proposal Criteria

  • Relevancy – Proposals should be relevant (historically, materially, etc.) to our current moment, location and capacities.
  • Tactics – Proposals should include preliminary tactics for realizing a goal.
  • Capacity – Proposals should reference and reflect current chapter capacity.

Does this further our goals as an organization?

  • Political Organizing: Does this help us create a grassroots movement?
  • Membership Training: Does this provide valuable organizer experience to our members?
  • Coalition Building: Does this help build a coalition of progressive organizations in the community?
  • Recruitment: Does this help bring in new members to the chapter?

Upload your Suggestion

Use the form below to submit your suggestion. Supported file types are .doc, .docx, and .txt.

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