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Political Education Working Group

The Political Education Working Group creates materials to aid our members and general public in using the history and ideology of the socialist movement as tools in day-to-day organizing.

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Healthcare Working Group

The healthcare working group builds consciousness within Miami-Dade County about the benefits of socialized medicine and the inherent failings of market-based healthcare. They aim to connect members of the public in need of healthcare with free clinics and provide volunteer support to free clinics to support their activity. They encourage the creation of YDSA chapters at universities with medical schools and recruiting students involved in medical and pre-medical programs to support direct actions within their local communities.

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Electoral Working Group

The Electoral Working Group recruits and supports socialist candidates for local, state and national office. They also develop educational resources that are easy and accessible so that socialists as well as the general public can be better equipped to participate in elections. Working towards and supporting voter restoration as well as efforts to stop gerrymandering and other voter suppression efforts are also in their purview. Finally, they support the efforts of healthcare workers’ unions involved in advocating for universal healthcare while also encouraging other healthcare workers’ unions to get involved.

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Communication and Outreach Working Group

The Communication and Outreach Working Group Publishing a weekly e-bulletin that contains information about recent meetings, dates, times and locations of any events, news about national initiatives, and any other information that the leadership or the chapter as a whole may want us to include. They maintain an online calendar of events so the membership will have a dynamic and centralized destination to find out about the ongoing happenings of the chapter. They manage the chapter’s presence on social media, aimed at both members and the broader public. This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They respond to inquiries received through social media or forward them to the relevant members of the group. They send out action alerts to the membership when situations arise that necessitate a rapid response. They generate graphic design content in the goal of advancing our organizing and fostering a comradely atmosphere amongst the membership.

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Mutual Aid Working Group

Mutual Aid, sometimes known as a “serve the people” program, is an essential part of winning socialism in the here and now. Miami DSA has formed a working group dedicated to these efforts, by plugging into existing programs already taking place in the community in addition to planning our own. We participate in Food not Bombs every Thursday and are in the starting process of a”Gimme A Brake (Light)” program that works to fix people’s brake lights in the Miami-Dade community to reduce interactions with the police.

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