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These do not amount to official positions of Miami DSA, but some of our members found these voter guides helpful.

There are a few items that these guides disagree on, so we encourage you to look at more than one, compare perspectives, and come to your own conclusions.

Miami-Dade County Resources

Why hasn’t the Miami DSA endorsed any candidates in this year’s election?

At the 2019 National Convention, the DSA approved a resolution that we will not endorse any candidate that does not identify as socialist, running a campaign centered on class struggle. Here is a portion of the resolution from DSA:

Be it resolved, DSA will use elections, public offices, and legislation as vehicles to
encourage working-class organization, promote progressive legislation, and build
support for democratic socialist ideas. This class-struggle electoral strategy will employ
the following criteria to make national endorsements of candidates who:

1. Openly identify as socialists.

2. Through their election campaigns, and once in office, see mobilizing and
fighting alongside working people as one of their primary responsibilities. They
will use their public profile to popularize a class struggle perspective, one that
sees the working class as the agents of change and capitalists and capitalist
politicians as the main barrier to change.

3. Actively and explicitly oppose racial, national, gender, and other forms of
oppression and discrimination and repudiate support from oppressive or bigoted

4. Commit to using their campaigns and elected offices to help build and unite
socialist, union, and other worker organization and militancy independent of
candidates’ campaigns and of the Democratic Party.

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Not satisfied with this year’s options?

Neither are we! We need to build a mass movement that encourages more Democratic Socialists to run for office, and have the support they need to win.

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