Get Involved

When you join Miami DSA, there are many ways to get involved. We have monthly membership meetings, working groups, and a reading circle. Check the calendar for more information.

Join a local working group

Political Education

The Political Education Working Group creates, shares and discusses materials to aid our members and the public better understand the history and ideology of the socialist movement as tools to day-to-day organizing.

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The Labor Working Group aims to revive a militant labor movement by supporting local struggles to win greater democracy in the workplace.

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The Electoral Working Group supports candidates and ballot initiatives that advance our cause. They also develop resources that are easy and accessible so everyone can be better equipped to participate in elections.

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Communication and Outreach

The Communications and Outreach Working Group manages the chapter’s presence on social media, publishes a weekly e-bulletin, maintains a calendar of upcoming events and finds places to spread our message.

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Mutual Aid

The Mutual Aid Working Group empowers people through direct material interventions, such as the Mutual Mondays program, that help alleviate and organize solutions to problems produced by repressive institutions.

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