Resolution on ableism, passed by the NPC with no opposition

“Capitalism created, and continues to reinforce, Ableism as a socially constructed system of oppression that even more deeply links a person’s worth to their economic value. o make a better world possible, Ableism must be combatted and dismantled, both in our society and in organizations like DSA. Our movement cannot leave our disabled comrades behind. The liberation… Read more »

People’s History: Angela Davis

On this day in 1944 civil rights activist feminist, author, abolitionist & revolutionary democratic #socialist,  Angela Davis was born in Birmingham,  Alabama. She co-founder  prison abolition group Critical Resistance and is a professor emerita at UC Santa Cruz More here:

People’s History: Light in the Darkness

On this day in 2017, Trump signed his fascist Executive Order No 13769, barring citizens of many Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. In an act of mass #resistance, thousands of Americans began to flood the nation’s airports, demanding an end to the ban and a release of those being detained. More here:

Peoples History: The Kitchenware Revolution

On this day in 2009, thousands of people in Iceland responded to the global financial crisis. Armed with pots, pans, snowballs, & fermented milk (skyr) they braved the batons, tear gas, & pepper spray of riot police and descended on parliament, forcing the right-wing government from power. Analysis available here from Jacobin Magazine

Towards Abolition: Building a Future of Freedom

“As the movement against capitalism grows, we will confront state repression in new ways. Prisons, the police, and semi-private security contractors are all repressive. They are clear existential threats to any movement for socialism and justice. Therefore, the abolition of incarceration is an explicit goal for DSA.” Download the PDF Flyer

People’s History: General Strike, Syria ‘36

On this day in 1936, after heavy political repression, Syrian students &  workers launched a general strike against  French occupation. It would spread across the country, lasting weeks & forcing the colonial rulers to the negotiating table. More here:

The Battle of Hayes Pond

Today marks the anniversary of the 1958 Battle of Hayes Pond near #Maxton, North Carolina. After being targeted by the Ku Klux Klan, hundreds of armed members of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and their anti-racist allies shut down a KKK rally and drove the organization out of the area. More here:‬ Get involved with the Democratic Socialists of America #Anti-Racism Working… Read more »

People’s History: The Enduring Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

“Capitalism has outlived its usefulness. It has brought about a system that takes necessities from the masses” – MLK Today, we celebrate the birth of civil rights leader, organized labor activist, democratic socialist, minister, and anti-imperialist Martin Luther King Jr. More here:

The Great Bombay Textile Strike

On 18 January 1982 more than a quarter of a million workers from over 50 different textile mills went on strike in Mumbai, #India to demand decent wages and benefits. Find more information, here. To find out about current worker issues, visit the Democratic Socialists of America Labor Working Group.

People’s History: Wagner Act is Passed

On this day in 1962, after a protracted campaign, workers employed by U.S. Government, who had been excluded from the Wagner Act, won the right to organize and collectively bargain. More here: Join the Democratic Socialists of America Labor Working Group to find out about current labor issues: