Miami DSA Statement on the DSA National Budget

Miami Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has the utmost confidence in the current National Political Committee (NPC) to lead our organization through the ongoing budget crisis. The NPC is our highest democratically elected leadership and, as such, retains the trust of our membership. In this moment of intense debate, we must engage with each other… Read more »

YDSA FIU Confronts Turning Point Members

Today, Turning Point USA was tabling on campus. They displayed a poster which can be seen down below. Our chapter Chair decided to also post a flyer (the one that begins “17 High school”) next to theirs countering their belief which can also be seen below. A Turning Point USA member can be seen in… Read more »

Resolution on ableism, passed by the NPC with no opposition

“Capitalism created, and continues to reinforce, Ableism as a socially constructed system of oppression that even more deeply links a person’s worth to their economic value. o make a better world possible, Ableism must be combatted and dismantled, both in our society and in organizations like DSA. Our movement cannot leave our disabled comrades behind. The liberation… Read more »

Towards Abolition: Building a Future of Freedom

“As the movement against capitalism grows, we will confront state repression in new ways. Prisons, the police, and semi-private security contractors are all repressive. They are clear existential threats to any movement for socialism and justice. Therefore, the abolition of incarceration is an explicit goal for DSA.” Download the PDF Flyer

Miami DSA Builds Foundation

By Ron Cox, Chair of Miami DSA, on behalf of Steering Committee The socialist movement in South Florida has built membership and organizational capacity with the growth of DSA organizations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County in 2017.  The first local DSA chapter was formed as the South Florida DSA, which then divided into… Read more »