Racial Justice

Member Opinion: Black Panther

“The critiques of #BlackPanther from some left publications and writers that I respect were misplaced for the most part. It is unfair to launch a critique of a film without taking into context the universe that the artists have created. This first and foremost is a superhero film that has its own mythology, historical narratives, and conceptions… Read more »

Towards Abolition: Building a Future of Freedom

“As the movement against capitalism grows, we will confront state repression in new ways. Prisons, the police, and semi-private security contractors are all repressive. They are clear existential threats to any movement for socialism and justice. Therefore, the abolition of incarceration is an explicit goal for DSA.” Download the PDF Flyer

Arthur McDuffie & the Enduring Struggle for Black Lives

Today we remember Arthur McDuffie, who 38 ago was beaten to death after surrendering to Miami-Dade Police. Despite lying about the cause of his injuries, the officers involved were not held accountable. In the uprising that followed, 18 more people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. Learn more here. Democratic Socialists of America members can… Read more »

Solidarity Has No Border

This morning, members of Miami Democratic Socialists of America delivered water, sunblock, and words of support as they stood in solidarity with youth of color from our community (both documents & undocumented) who are currently undertaking a week-long fast outside Senator Marco Rubio‘s office in Doral, Florida to call for a Clean Dream Act and to Save TPS. Please… Read more »