Miami DSA Statement on the DSA National Budget


Miami Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has the utmost confidence in the current National Political Committee (NPC) to lead our organization through the ongoing budget crisis. The NPC is our highest democratically elected leadership and, as such, retains the trust of our membership. In this moment of intense debate, we must engage with each other with respect and fight to keep building our collective socialist project. The NPC has our support to make the tough decisions that are necessary to avoid insolvency and the shuttering of our organization.

First, our chapter acknowledges that cuts to staff positions or salaries tied to their contributions to our organizing work should be considered no matter how painful these decisions may be. It is incredibly heartbreaking to be in a situation where our revenue and projected budgets cannot sustain the staff that we currently have, but we must come to terms with that reality. The budget deficit has been a pressing issue for previous administrations that failed to meet the challenge. We reject uncomradely attacks on our NPC, such as calling them ”union busters” or “scabs.” This undermines solidarity within our organization and incorrectly compares the DSA to a capitalist firm. 

Second, Miami DSA wishes to stress that we believe continuing dues shares must be prioritized. For many chapters, this is the primary connection to National. Chapter Dues Share should stay as a staple for the stability of smaller chapters; this support is crucial in building a stronger socialist movement in the respective areas of these chapters.

Third, we must recognize that this is not only an organizational crisis, but a political one. In recent years, the DSA has bled members and lacked an inspiring political vision or sense of direction. The votes by DSA members in Congress to fund Israel and break a railway strike have also been demoralizing for members. The DSA must continue to strive to be a mass organization that can lead ambitious class struggle fights for and by the multi-racial working class.

Fourth, the NPC should prioritize Convention voted campaigns, consider online only conferences, and limit in person conventions if our financial state does not improve. Our Chapter will continue to advocate for such cost-saving measures for at least two years.

Finally, in a show of solidarity, our chapter has decided to forgo the next quarter’s dues share. We call upon and encourage larger and more financially stable chapters with excess funds to consider voluntarily forgoing their upcoming dues share. While we understand that this is a drop in the bucket, we hope this gesture demonstrates that our chapter, like many others in this organization, is willing to make sacrifices to sustain our movement and ensure that we are ready to meet pressing challenges in the future. These challenges are demanding but cannot distract us from our mission: building socialism in our lifetime.

We also commit to fundraising by hosting solidarity dues phone-banks, starting Sunday April 14th at 4pm, and we call on other chapters to do the same. We encourage all our members to switch to income-based solidarity dues immediately. Let’s give our 1% for the 99%!

A second Trump presidency looms as a distinct possibility in November. Israel continues to commit atrocities in their genocidal campaign in Gaza, financed and backed by our government. Every day, working class communities face repression by means of anti-worker legislation and over-policing. 

Considering the stakes we are faced with, we support the NPCs decision to ensure the survival and longevity of the organization. As a member-led and member funded socialist organization, composed of working class people, we must be ready and able to tackle these issues. We believe that DSA, as the largest socialist organization in America, has the best chance of building socialism within our lifetimes.

We ask our fellow DSA Chapters to stand in solidarity with our organization. Take the pledge to forego your Chapter’s next dues share allocation in order to aid in alleviating our current budgetary crisis.

In Solidarity,

Miami DSA