People’s History: The Flint Sit-down Strike

On this day in 1937, GM autoworkers won a hard-fought sit-down strike. To defend their factory from police and strikebreakers, workers in Flint and Cleveland relied on solidarity and community support, ultimately winning recognition for the UAW International Union.

People’s History: Amandla Awethu!

On this day in 1990, South African socialist & anti-apartheid revolutionary, Nelson Mandela was liberated after 27 years. From freedom fighter to political prisoner to president, his lifelong struggle for justice has inspired countless millions. Watch:

People’s History: Huelga de La Canadiense

On this day in 1919, workers at a Barcelona hydroelectric plant colloquially known as “La Canadiense” walked off their job. After over 3,000 were arrested, solidarity spread among the workers and the walkout grew into a general strike. Participants demanded and won recognition of the CNT, an 8 hour day, and the release of all prisoners. More here:

People’s History: Trayvon Martin, #RestInPower

Miami native Trayvon Martin would have turned 23 today. At the age of 17, he was murdered while standing up to an armed racist vigilante who was staking him near his father’s home. Trayvon’s death sparked a movement that helped lead to the formation of organizations like Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter, The Trayvon Martin… Read more »

People’s History: The First Rebel

On 2 February 1512, Spanish conquistadors burned Taíno Cacique Hatuey alive near Bayamo, Cuba. He was among the first indigenous people to lead organized resistance to European colonialism in the Americas. Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas attributed the following words to Hatuey: “They tell us, these tyrants, that they adore a God of peace and equality, and yet they usurp our land and make us their slaves. They… Read more »

Gimme a Brake (Light) Fundraiser

Broken tail lights and brake lights can be dangerous to other drivers and could get you pulled over by the police. The Miami Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) want to help. DSA chapters across the country have been hosting free brake light changing clinics for anyone with a broken light. Miami DSA wants to bring… Read more »

Resolution on ableism, passed by the NPC with no opposition

“Capitalism created, and continues to reinforce, Ableism as a socially constructed system of oppression that even more deeply links a person’s worth to their economic value. o make a better world possible, Ableism must be combatted and dismantled, both in our society and in organizations like DSA. Our movement cannot leave our disabled comrades behind. The liberation… Read more »

People’s History: Angela Davis

On this day in 1944 civil rights activist feminist, author, abolitionist & revolutionary democratic #socialist,  Angela Davis was born in Birmingham,  Alabama. She co-founder  prison abolition group Critical Resistance and is a professor emerita at UC Santa Cruz More here: