Sharing Sunday

Members of Miami Democratic Socialists of America serving free food at our weekly Sharing Sunday event.

People’s History: The Kronstadt Uprising

On this day in 1921, the Bolshevik Army began an unrelenting assault on the workers, peasants, sailors and citizens of Kronstadt after they demanded the freedom to organize, speak, assemble, and form unions. After holding out for more than a week thousands were killed, executed, or imprisoned for their participation. More here:

People’s History: Lucy Parsons

On this day in 1942, a house fire in Chicago tragically silenced one of the most ardent revolutionary voices the city had ever known. “We are willing to work for peace at any price, except at the price of liberty.” –Lucy Parsons More here via Jacobin Magazine:

People’s History: Rosa Luxemburg

On this day in 1871, revolutionary socialist, radical feminist, and antiwar activist, Rosa Luxemburg was born in Zamość, Poland. “Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the members of a party – however numerous they may be – is no freedom at all. Freedom is always the freedom of the one who… Read more »

Miami DSA Wants to Replace Your Brake Lights for Free

MIAMI, FL – Broken tail lights and brake lights can be dangerous to other drivers and could get you pulled over by the police. Undocumented people can further be detained and deported for the infraction. The Miami Democratic Socialists of America want to help. The Miami DSA is hosting “Gimme a Brake (Light)” from 1… Read more »

Member Opinion: Black Panther

“The critiques of #BlackPanther from some left publications and writers that I respect were misplaced for the most part. It is unfair to launch a critique of a film without taking into context the universe that the artists have created. This first and foremost is a superhero film that has its own mythology, historical narratives, and conceptions… Read more »

People’s History: The Jungle

On this day in 1905, author, journalist, & outspoken anti-capitalist Upton Sinclair first printed his classic Chicago novel “The Jungle” in the socialist newspaper “Appeal to Reason”. It was published in book form the following year, garnering widespread acclaim. “There is one kind of prison where the man is behind bars, and everything that he desires is outside; and there… Read more »

People’s History: The Paterson Silk Strike

On this day in 1913 after being subject to a series of wage reductions, thousands of workers from some 300 mills & dye houses led by IWW organizers Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Big Bill Haywood, and others began a 5 month long strike in #Paterson, New Jersey. More here:

People’s History: Ayed Morrar vs. the Wall

On this day in 1962, Palestinian anti-apartheid activist and community organizer Ayed “Abu Ahmed” Morrar was born in the West Bank village of Budrus. He has played a leading role in founding the #nonviolent Popular Resistance Committee movement against the racist #Israeli separation wall. This movement has crossed national, gender, political, and religious divides in… Read more »